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Adult Ed

Adult Ed


Adult Education at Chabad of Midtown

(Men and Women are welcome)


Since you are part of our Jewish heritage, we encourage you to become part of the adult classes we offer. Clarify all doubts you have in mind and learn properly about your own path. Be proud of yourself having the knowledge with you.


 For more information please contact the office at:    
(416) 516-2005



Jump start your week!
Sunday mornings
8:30 - Chassidic Philosophy
9:00 - Shacharit Services
9:45 - Breakfast
10:30 - Talmud Class
Location: Chabad of Midtown
Weekly class: Tanya and Parsha
Topic: Tanya and Parshah
Wednesday's 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Location: Right next to Casa Loma
Contact the office for info.
Weekly class: Tanya
Topic: Tanya
Monday's 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Location: Forest Hill
Contact the office for info.
It's you and the Rabbi
Monday Nights
Location: Chabad of Midtown
Topic: of your choice
Nourish your body & soul
Discuss an array of Jewish topics
over a delicious Kosher lunch.
Study Torah in your office, home or on the phone
Location: of your choice
Time: of your desire
A variety of lectures through the whole year
A public gathering which involves introspection and contemplation among friends
Something For Everyone
Saturday Mornings
9:00 - Jewish Law
9:30 - Shabbat Sevices
10:30 - Torah Reading
Lavish Kiddush Following Services
Location: Chabad of Midtown