A Message from Rabbi Nechemia Deitsch




In a FORTUNE magazine article, Howard Schultz, Chairman & Founder of Starbucks describes the Starbucks phenomena as follows:

“Starbucks has become what I call the third place. The first place is home. The second place is work. We are the place in between. It’s a place to feel comfort. A place to feel safe. A place to feel like you belong.”

We share a similar vision for Chabad of Midtown, Creating a “spiritual third space.”

Judaism can be explored and experienced in the two places: home or synagogue. But how about a space less formal than the syangogue and a bit more structured than the home. A place where Jews who want to just hang out with other Jews without having to attend a special service? A place where Jews of all affiliations and synagogues can drop their titles and just celebrate as a members of the Jewish community? A location for Jewish children, teens, adults and families to experience non-synagogue related activities. Chabad of Midtow has increasingly become the spiritual “third space” for the exploring Jewish soul.

Our center does not replace the synagogue or home experience. It will strengthen it. Come join us for one of our exciting classes, events, or gatherings and see for yourself!

Hope to see you soon,

Rabbi N. Deitsch